Busy Little Bee

I feel like the last couple months I have been running nonstop! 

July was a busy month for us, Derek went to California for a week with his dad. While he was gone we took a very quick trip to Spokane did some work on the property, saw Grandma cookie, and a trip to Spokane would not be complete without a stop at No-Li. My Favorite place to get a beer in Spokane!!! We picked 2 of our nieces up while there they came to stay with us for a week! A very busy week! We went to the zoo, rode the duck, saw a movie, swam in the pool, scrap booked all our memories, went to American Girl store, I call this store little girl heaven! By Saturday I was exhausted!!!! And we had another week of nonstop go go go! We drove on Saturday to Lake Curlew and spent a week there with all the family. We boated, canoed, fished, did a fossil dig, went to a local ranch to meet his miniature cow, ( I do see these in our future, not in Sultan). On Friday me and Dave headed home. We were both pretty exhausted 6 hour drive home! But our craziness is not over yet…Sunday we get back in the car and drive Derek and his friend Michael to Oregon! Yes it was there and back in one day 13 hours 20 minutes of driving!!!!! Yes I timed it! Derek went back to California for a week. Finally I get to be home relaxing! Wrong! I decide it would be a great time to paint Derek’s bedroom…by day 3 I was seriously thinking that Derek was going to get home and be sleeping on the couch. By Friday I had managed somehow to get the room finished. Not sure how! Derek came home Monday and our world seemed to settle down a little. It may be the calm before the storm of school. We have still been busy but not as busy. 

This weekend we are doing a 5k bubble run with my mom and dad. I was looking forward to this until I walked out my front door yesterday trying to get the chihuahua and fell on my face twisting my ankle in the process! Wish me luck on that☺️

That’s all for know I will fill you in with pics from 5k next week

?- Gallardasgirl