I think this whole social media thing has gotten way out of hand, (as I write my blog), I go onto Facebook and these admins of “groups” are like police, worse than police they are just assholes, boy would I be in trouble for saying that! In some groups that’s gonna get you banned! Oh for the love of god people get over yourself! You are an admin of a FACEBOOK page! And it takes more than one for some groups! Oh the pressure they must have. It takes 3 to run the Sultan, Wa page… Seriously 3 to run a page with like 2000 people in it? I’m pretty sure that is more people than there are in Sultan. I read one time that the admin who started this group was going to remove it because people were fighting, really we are again in grade school. She actually said that “friends” we’re getting in fights because of things posted on this page. REALLY, if we are fighting with our “friends” because of something written on Facebook then honey, we were not friends! You should be able to have a conversation not everyone is going to agree on everything! It’s kinda like ice cream how boring would the world be if we only had vanilla. We are all a different flavor and we all have different opinions.

I was just on a page for hiking in Snohomish County Washington, everyone knows not to go into the ice caves yes 2 days in a row people went in and it came down and on day 2 someone died. Horrible accident. Yes she should not have been in there but to be so friggin heartless and cruel and say get over it on your “hiking page” knowing her family lives in Washington State, and say to move on…. That was someone’s daughter, sister, aunt, mother. And you want her family to get over it… And then ban people and remove MY comment that just simply said “this is a rude post” really? Would you want your family to go onto Facebook and see some jackass writing  about your family like that because I’m not really sure I would want my kids reading that crap. ( she did not ban me I removed myself from her stupid page but she did remove my comment). And I may or may not have sent her a private message telling her what I thought.

So if you run a FACEBOOK page, don’t be an asshole, don’t be heartless, don’t let the whole “admin” thing go to your head you are still just a person you are no better than anyone else on that page! It’s Facebook people. If you are offended by something people are saying in that group be the adult leave the group. Who cares! It’s Facebook!

Maybe I’m just having a bad day, I don’t know, sometimes people just need to be told to shut there mouth, and today I may have done that so if anybody else would like to have a conversation about anything today you may want to think twice about that.😈

💜 Gallardasgirl