2016 so far

Boy I can not believe 2016 is almost half way over! We have been so busy I feel like we never have a moment to slow down, and we have not even been to Spokane yet this year! Which is so not like us! We’ve done a lot but I’m not sure what we’ve done!  

May has been a busy month and we are only 11 days in. Next 3 weeks we have birthday party, bridal shower weekend, motorcycle trip, and wedding and then my birthday! So much going on! 

Sad moments of 2016 My little Shih tzu Gracie Mae died. Hardest day of 2016. She didn’t make it to her 10th birthday. She was almost there. 2 weeks short! She was the best dog we had! ❤️

And then of course Prince died people ? one concert I said I would go to if he ever came back. One regret in life not seeing him when I had the chance! RIP Prince? the doves are crying. 

Last weekend me and Jenny and Kalyse went to Arlington for a girls day of shopping! What a day! So great! We had so much fun wandering through the shops and laughing! We probably spent more than we should have but so much fun. We ended our day with lunch at Red Robin. 

Mothers Day we went to my moms in the morning we had donuts and coffee then later on we had lunch in town. We went to snow goose for ice cream and then to a look out in Burlington! Dave worked on the pond on Saturday and Sunday evening. Derek gave me a dish with candy in it that he made at school. We had a good day.

Derek started Drivers Ed…

                                                                                                        Wish Me Luck…

? Gallardasgirl


Disneyland 2016

We went to Disneyland last month. Kinda a big deal first real family vacation we went on. Kinda nervous also, Derek is a very cautious kid. He doesn’t like to really live on the edge, going on rides at Disneyland was living on the edge. First ride we went on Indiana Jones. He gets off the ride and says maybe I’m not afraid of rides!!!! The Angels were singing from above we could relax he’s having fun in DISNEYLAND!  

This is my favorite picture of him on rides the look on his face is how our time there was! Fantastic! We had the best time. We went to Universal Studios and California Adventure also. We spent 2 days in Disneyland we all left saying we were ready to go home but I’m ready to book another trip to Disneyland. Or Disneyworld!  

The cars ride and Tower of Terror are my favorite rides in California Adventure. Tower of Terror was the first ride we went on. Standing in line Derek said this one drops huh, I just looked at him… Mom don’t lie to me. What’s he gonna do walk out? Kinda hard we are already up there…yes Derek it drops. He came off with a smile this was good. We got a fast pass for cars. Good thing we did the line for that ride is ridiculous! 

As soon as we got off California Screamin the ride shut down something was wrong with the ride…

We couldn’t talk Dave or Derek into ears… 

This is my favorite picture my kids look so happy! 

We ate Dinner at Ariels Grotto, the best food ever. We had to get reservations months in advance just to eat there! Worth every penny and we just got to sit and relax and enjoy the moment. 

Universal Studios is my favorite I love everything about it! 

When we got there in the morning Harry Potter was closed we went to lunch came back and open!!!!!!!! 

So cool! We got a Butter Beer and walked through the details are amazing!  

I can’t go to California without going to Sprinkles!
 And ya gotta see the beach! 

Until Next Time Cali! 
? Galłardasgirl



Some of My Favorite Things

If you know me, you know my favorite Scentsy scent is BEACH! I got this cute little pot that matches my kitchen perfectly. I have a lone star pot in my bedroom which is probably my favorite and then I have a dragonfly plug-in that is in our upstairs bathroom. I love walking into our house right after I change the scent and all my pots are going. ( same scent of course) My whole house smells of beach! I have a great scentsy girl she is so nice she keeps me stocked well all year long! If you need help ordering or want to place an order she’s your girl! You can get yours @

My Passion Planner is pretty much my life in a nut shell anything I need to know or plan is in this book! I ordered one last year and this year I ordered the smaller one so I could for it in my purse easier. Basically everything I need for the month or year is written in here. So if I lose this I’m in trouble! It has a section you can write your  goals for the year for 3-6-12 months, then 3 years, and 10 years. It has kept me organized this past year! Anyone unorganized you need this book. It was made by a young college student. You also get a PDF copy that you can make copies of if you need to. You can pick yours up @

I  LOVE Bazaars!!! I can remember going to them at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Marysville with my grandm when I was younger. I loved going to church with my grandma and grandpa. I hope she knows that now. 

I bought this bath scrub and lotion for the first time at a bazaar in Sylvanna last year . It was gingerbread scent. Best stuff I have ever used. I have placed several orders from the owner, Debbie, since first meeting her. I’ve tracked her down at the navy PX in Marysville, the street fair in Arlington and she’s delivered it at least 2 times possibly 3 times to my moms house in Arlington for me. She’s as great as the product itself. If you need some here is where you can get it @ her Facebook page is Oso bubbly..soap bath & body. She also has product in the 7 lakes store, Oso Market and ladders and lace that is located in Stanwood.

Real Deal in Monroe, this is my go to place for all decorations in my house. Christmas is huge at my house these are just a couple things that I have bought from there. If it’s not a holiday you can find several other things bought there. She has now started carrying clothing which are all super cute I’ve found several things that are now staples in my wardrobe! She is only open 3 days a week Thursday-Saturday so if you are in Monroe be sure to check it out. You  can find her on Facebook @ Real Deals on home decor – Monroe WA, she is located on Lewis Street. 

Cobweb Antiques is this crazy store in Monroe that is stacked floor to ceiling with STUFF!!! You walk in and are overwhelmed there is so much stuff you snake through the store down aisles that are so tight you are afraid to move. I suggest this. DO NOT bring a purse in just to scary you may hit something and DO NOT bring in small children. You can’t carry them and good luck getting them not to touch somethings! I just would be on the safe side leave them at home with the husband. You can have more fun that way anyways. I found this jadite dish here, I am loving jadite these days and anytime I walk into any old store am looking for it. This was in the back of the store inside a cupboard that is on the ground in the very back behind everything. Yes I was on my hands and knees for this! There was salt and pepper shaker that were to die for but $69. I may splurge someday but not today. She is also in Monroe. Down Woodscreek road and off Yeager. 

This is my favorite new slouchy knit hat, I have a black and a red one also. They are super cute and go with so much! I bought mine off Amazon for about $8.00, you can find them at several places in Monroe. Real Deals has them I think her price was 14.00-16.00, she only had a few left though when I was in there last. She had army green, purple and an orangish/yellow color. Stoney Creek Outfitters LLC in Monroe also had them in lots of colors for 12.99. So if you really want one I would go there! They are in Safeway parking lot. 

I love to shop local. Sultan has a fantastic little store, Flat Iron Gallery. The owner is super nice. We have bought our recliner and our love seat recliner from her. Along with several little gift type items in the past. She has really good prices. I buy all my lavender spray and drops from her because you can not beat the price. I really want to buy a kitchen table from her and plan on doing that probably next year after our trip to California. It helps that she is absolutely the nicest lady that runs the place. 
That’s it for now
Merry Christmas 



My Mother

If anyone knows my mom they know she’s a worrier. Lately I have been noticing that sometimes I worry or stress out a little to much about things that I should not care about! In other words… I’M TURNING INTO MY MOTHER!!!!!! Yes I know every daughters worse nightmare! Kali take note! 

So I have decided from now to the end of the year I’m going to try to not stress, not over think, not worry. In other words I’m going to live like I’m on Xanax 24-7. ? Life will be good. We will see how it goes! 

Here’s to no worries! 
? Gallardasgirl


Our trip to Spokane!

We had not been back to Spokane since July, that’s along time for us. We had made plans to go to the Inland Northwest Craft Beer Night at Avista Stadium with David’s mom and sister Denice. We had a fun night! David and Denice were feeling mighty fine when they left there! 

I love these 2. I got lucky when I married David his family is wonderful! 

The next day we went to the property and walked it. We stood around for about 30 minutes arguing about what trees stay what trees go. 

King of the Hill!
Back of the property.

Why have view property if your view is blocked by all the trees I say! Trees grow there going to block it eventually! Silly boy, of course he disagreed and said build the house higher? Really???

We went and saw Grandma. She was a little sleepy! 

Of course we went to Dutch Bros! Pretty productive trip to Spokane! 
Until next time Spokane you are always good to us!



Labor Day Weekend!

What could beat starting off Labor Day Weekend seeing Tim McGraw… NOTHING! We decided kinda last minute that we were going to go to the concert. I bought tickets Monday Night. David kept saying you’ve seen him 3 times already we don’t need to go see him. Yeah that worked the first time I asked but on Monday it didn’t work! Next Time Tim McGraw comes I’ll have to ask 1 time I’m sure. It was by far the best concert I have ever seen!!!! David did agree that it was the best concert he had ever been to. The seats we had were absolutely unbelievable. Chase Bryant and Billy Currington did an awesome job at getting everyone excited for Tim!!!
Gotta love him!!!! 
On Saturday we took my Mom and Dad to Mt Rainer Scenic Railroad Trip. 2 hour round trip train ride from Elba to Mineral. In Mineral we got off the train and walked around a little bit. It was a fun day, a long fun day.

This is David and I on one of the trains in Mineral!


 I just loved this picture.  

Dad with Mineral in the background. 

We have no idea what’s so funny but doesn’t she look happy! 

Sunday we did nothing! And I do mean nothing!!!! A little yard work. But really we did more on Friday and Saturday than we have done in a month!!! 

Until next time peeps!!

? Gallardasgirl 


Busy Little Bee

I feel like the last couple months I have been running nonstop! 

July was a busy month for us, Derek went to California for a week with his dad. While he was gone we took a very quick trip to Spokane did some work on the property, saw Grandma cookie, and a trip to Spokane would not be complete without a stop at No-Li. My Favorite place to get a beer in Spokane!!! We picked 2 of our nieces up while there they came to stay with us for a week! A very busy week! We went to the zoo, rode the duck, saw a movie, swam in the pool, scrap booked all our memories, went to American Girl store, I call this store little girl heaven! By Saturday I was exhausted!!!! And we had another week of nonstop go go go! We drove on Saturday to Lake Curlew and spent a week there with all the family. We boated, canoed, fished, did a fossil dig, went to a local ranch to meet his miniature cow, ( I do see these in our future, not in Sultan). On Friday me and Dave headed home. We were both pretty exhausted 6 hour drive home! But our craziness is not over yet…Sunday we get back in the car and drive Derek and his friend Michael to Oregon! Yes it was there and back in one day 13 hours 20 minutes of driving!!!!! Yes I timed it! Derek went back to California for a week. Finally I get to be home relaxing! Wrong! I decide it would be a great time to paint Derek’s bedroom…by day 3 I was seriously thinking that Derek was going to get home and be sleeping on the couch. By Friday I had managed somehow to get the room finished. Not sure how! Derek came home Monday and our world seemed to settle down a little. It may be the calm before the storm of school. We have still been busy but not as busy. 

This weekend we are doing a 5k bubble run with my mom and dad. I was looking forward to this until I walked out my front door yesterday trying to get the chihuahua and fell on my face twisting my ankle in the process! Wish me luck on that☺️

That’s all for know I will fill you in with pics from 5k next week

?- Gallardasgirl  



I think this whole social media thing has gotten way out of hand, (as I write my blog), I go onto Facebook and these admins of “groups” are like police, worse than police they are just assholes, boy would I be in trouble for saying that! In some groups that’s gonna get you banned! Oh for the love of god people get over yourself! You are an admin of a FACEBOOK page! And it takes more than one for some groups! Oh the pressure they must have. It takes 3 to run the Sultan, Wa page… Seriously 3 to run a page with like 2000 people in it? I’m pretty sure that is more people than there are in Sultan. I read one time that the admin who started this group was going to remove it because people were fighting, really we are again in grade school. She actually said that “friends” we’re getting in fights because of things posted on this page. REALLY, if we are fighting with our “friends” because of something written on Facebook then honey, we were not friends! You should be able to have a conversation not everyone is going to agree on everything! It’s kinda like ice cream how boring would the world be if we only had vanilla. We are all a different flavor and we all have different opinions.

I was just on a page for hiking in Snohomish County Washington, everyone knows not to go into the ice caves yes 2 days in a row people went in and it came down and on day 2 someone died. Horrible accident. Yes she should not have been in there but to be so friggin heartless and cruel and say get over it on your “hiking page” knowing her family lives in Washington State, and say to move on…. That was someone’s daughter, sister, aunt, mother. And you want her family to get over it… And then ban people and remove MY comment that just simply said “this is a rude post” really? Would you want your family to go onto Facebook and see some jackass writing  about your family like that because I’m not really sure I would want my kids reading that crap. ( she did not ban me I removed myself from her stupid page but she did remove my comment). And I may or may not have sent her a private message telling her what I thought.

So if you run a FACEBOOK page, don’t be an asshole, don’t be heartless, don’t let the whole “admin” thing go to your head you are still just a person you are no better than anyone else on that page! It’s Facebook people. If you are offended by something people are saying in that group be the adult leave the group. Who cares! It’s Facebook!

Maybe I’m just having a bad day, I don’t know, sometimes people just need to be told to shut there mouth, and today I may have done that so if anybody else would like to have a conversation about anything today you may want to think twice about that.😈

💜 Gallardasgirl



She Did It!

DSC_0500DSC_0499DSC_0501DSC_0453 - Copy


Last week I was writing about being the mother of a 8th grade graduate and today I am writing about my 18 year old high school graduate. She did it. She has no idea how incredibly proud of her I am. She works so hard. I Love you Kali Lila-Rose, the world is yours!!!! I know you will do great things.

❤️ Gallardasgirl


Class of 2019



My 15 year old son graduated from 8th grade last night.  To some this may be no big deal, it’s 8th grade. But this is my baby.