Labor Day Weekend!

What could beat starting off Labor Day Weekend seeing Tim McGraw… NOTHING! We decided kinda last minute that we were going to go to the concert. I bought tickets Monday Night. David kept saying you’ve seen him 3 times already we don’t need to go see him. Yeah that worked the first time I asked but on Monday it didn’t work! Next Time Tim McGraw comes I’ll have to ask 1 time I’m sure. It was by far the best concert I have ever seen!!!! David did agree that it was the best concert he had ever been to. The seats we had were absolutely unbelievable. Chase Bryant and Billy Currington did an awesome job at getting everyone excited for Tim!!!
Gotta love him!!!! 
On Saturday we took my Mom and Dad to Mt Rainer Scenic Railroad Trip. 2 hour round trip train ride from Elba to Mineral. In Mineral we got off the train and walked around a little bit. It was a fun day, a long fun day.

This is David and I on one of the trains in Mineral!


 I just loved this picture.  

Dad with Mineral in the background. 

We have no idea what’s so funny but doesn’t she look happy! 

Sunday we did nothing! And I do mean nothing!!!! A little yard work. But really we did more on Friday and Saturday than we have done in a month!!! 

Until next time peeps!!

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