My Mother

If anyone knows my mom they know she’s a worrier. Lately I have been noticing that sometimes I worry or stress out a little to much about things that I should not care about! In other words… I’M TURNING INTO MY MOTHER!!!!!! Yes I know every daughters worse nightmare! Kali take note! 

So I have decided from now to the end of the year I’m going to try to not stress, not over think, not worry. In other words I’m going to live like I’m on Xanax 24-7. ? Life will be good. We will see how it goes! 

Here’s to no worries! 
? Gallardasgirl


Our trip to Spokane!

We had not been back to Spokane since July, that’s along time for us. We had made plans to go to the Inland Northwest Craft Beer Night at Avista Stadium with David’s mom and sister Denice. We had a fun night! David and Denice were feeling mighty fine when they left there! 

I love these 2. I got lucky when I married David his family is wonderful! 

The next day we went to the property and walked it. We stood around for about 30 minutes arguing about what trees stay what trees go. 

King of the Hill!
Back of the property.

Why have view property if your view is blocked by all the trees I say! Trees grow there going to block it eventually! Silly boy, of course he disagreed and said build the house higher? Really???

We went and saw Grandma. She was a little sleepy! 

Of course we went to Dutch Bros! Pretty productive trip to Spokane! 
Until next time Spokane you are always good to us!