Pilgor and Stella

1 Pilgor and 1 Stella png


I’m going to be honest when we decided we were going to get Pygmy goats, we had no clue what we were in for, now our life as farmers is a little easier than it was when we first got them.

Pilgor the one in front was a little more “outgoing” than Stella, they would not come to you they ran when they saw you they would not get out of there dog crate, they were not really use to people.

Within a week they had us trained pretty good, we give them water we give them their food, which they were not getting before they lived here, they would jump into our lap they would let us pet them they were starting to come around.

Now almost a year later we have learned you never, ever, ever let goats in the house, they do there business when ever and where ever they want! They like to come in the front yard to hangout with us, and eat the Japanese maple, which kills me, they go into heat…a lot. No I’m not going to have babies!!! But I would like to someday have a goat sanctuary when we are living on our property in Spokane.

Lifes pretty good right now on the farm…